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The RR indoor experience
continues outdoor.

The RR indoor experience continues outdoor. RR Garden is your natural habitat for exclusive outdoor furniture in line with the famous RR DNA. For a curated garden.

RR Garden goes beyond and sees furniture as haute couture. No average design, but edgy brands: Baxter, Flexform, Minotti, Kettall, Paolo Lenti, B&B Italia, Tribú, Cassina and many more…


Outdoor concept making: from curation to creation

RR is known for its concept making, and this is no different for RR Garden. Our furniture specialists walk you through the collection, translate your wishes in a personal moodboard, 3D design and photorealistic plan, and carefully curate the items, adding an RR touch to every garden.



Directly across from RR Corner 

The future looks bright


RR Interieur announced a string of premieres this spring. At the end of April Rik and Sylvie Ruebens revealed they are opening a new RR store in October. Not in Knokke-Heist this time, but in that other trending Flemish coastal town: Nieuwpoort. One week later the power couple declared RR Luxembourg opens up a second experience store in the city centre of Luxembourg city. And next month the two concept stores in the heart of Knokke-Heist, RR Apart en RR Corner, will get a thorough make-over. RR Corner will even reposition itself this summer as an international furniture gallery. A lot to look forward to! RR Interieur is designing its future.

RR Interieur opens store in Nieuwpoort

Big news for design lovers from the East to the West coast and beyond. This fall RR Interieur opens up a brand new store in popular coastal town Nieuwpoort. More specifically in the 400 m² spacious building where that other design giant ‘Loft Living – design by sea’ is now located. The RR Interieur management bought the well-known building in Niewpoort to house its signature brands and RR dna there from next October.

From the East to the West coast, from Knokke-Heist to Nieuwpoort

Next to flagship store RR Interieur and niche stores RR Corner and RR Apart in Knokke-Heist RR Nieuwpoort will be the RR furniture store. “From Knokke-Heist we serve the complete East coast, Antwerp, Brussels and even Limburg. But the West coast was still a blind spot, while coastal town Nieuwpoort is booming. With RR Nieuwpoort we want to bring our portfolio of exclusive top brands to the rest of the Flemish coast.”

Second RR Luxembourg in city centre

Mid May RR Luxembourg opens a second store in Luxembourg city: “To good practice we will present our signature RR total experience: a selection of exclusive brands, top-notch hospitality and a white-glove service.”

Facelift for RR Apart

Last but definitely not least, from June 7th RR Interieur reinvents two of its established values: RR Corner and RR Apart. Prepare for a next level transformation for RR Apart, your one stop shop for smart, time saving interior design for second homes, apartments and real estate projects. RR Apart will keep offering a vibrant mix of affordable upcoming Scandinavian and Italian brands.

This summer RR Corner becomes your furniture gallery

For RR Corner, the most exclusive of all RR stores, with high-end brands, limited editions, one of a kind pieces, edgy labels and tailor-made design, a groundbreaking make-over is in the pipeline. In the main window a royal three meter wide stair case will lead you to the mezzanine upstairs. A true eyecatcher.

International home for aesthetes

RR also designed a new curated concept for RR Corner. While flagship store RR Interieur preaches ‘furniture becomes architecture’, ‘furniture becomes art’ will be the motto of RR Corner this summer. Rik Ruebens: “We are aesthetes and curators. This summer we create a blank canvas in RR Corner to showcase the art of living at its best.” July 2 RR Interieur launches its brand new ‘furniture gallery’ with a highly exclusive world premiere.

RR Interieur wants to inspire you


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The Bambou Collection


Maximalism meets minimalism
RR Interior launches the Bambou Collection. A collab with renowned Belgian interior designer Jean Philippe Demeyer. Where RR is known for its minimalism Jean Philippe Demeyer is a maximalist by heart. The challenging dynamic between these two esthetic visions is tangible in the collection.

Influenced by the Seventies and the Turkish way of lounging
The design of this modular sofa is the perfect fusion of two different worlds. Stunning in its simplicity, grand in its comfort. Demeyer was influenced by typical Turkish sofa beds with different layers of cushions. The result is a warm, contemporary design, a colour palette inspired by Knokke’s coastal life and an understated vibe from the Seventies.

Modular sofa, 100% Belgian
There are six different modules to choose from. That makes this sofa suited for grand estates and compact apartments. Furthermore, the 100% Belgian design meets the exceptional comfort criteria of RR Interior.

Two signatures, one sofa
Decorator Demeyer styled his signature to RR’s collab question. Where RR loves simplicity in materials, elegance and a certain serenity, Demeyer contrasts with rich fabrics and a layered design.

Discover exclusively at NEW RR Interieur.

New RR Interieur


Our new home, your new experience.

After twenty years RR has reinvented itself. The original flagship store on Natiënlaan has closed its doors. However, RR is creating an exclusive new chapter in its design story down the road at Natiënlaan 123. This new experience store is much more than an interior store. The NEW RR Interieur brings your experience of home to life. We live to inspire you.

Rik Ruebens: “After more than twenty years, we believe in focusing on hospitality and service to make a difference. We are not a furniture store or showroom, we design living spaces.” The NEW RR Interior is an alluring flagship store. Get inspired by our design corners, discover exclusive brands and enjoy custom advice from the RR team. Make an appointment now.

Discover a selection of our top-notch brands

Our exquisite brand selection is your guarantee for top-notch design.

Baxter, B&B Italia, Carl Hansen & Son, Cassina, Flexform, Living Divani, Maxalto, Minotti, Molteni&C, Michaël Verheyden, Poliform, Piet Boon, Sergio Rodrigues, Edra, Vitra, Ligne Roset, Jou, Miyazaki, Paola Lenti.

Flexform, Minotti, Cassina, B&B Italia, Piet Boon, Ketall, Exteta, Roda, Paola Lenti, Atelier vierkant.