The Bambou Collection


Maximalism meets minimalism
RR Interior launches the Bambou Collection. A collab with renowned Belgian interior designer Jean Philippe Demeyer. Where RR is known for its minimalism Jean Philippe Demeyer is a maximalist by heart. The challenging dynamic between these two esthetic visions is tangible in the collection.

Influenced by the Seventies and the Turkish way of lounging
The design of this modular sofa is the perfect fusion of two different worlds. Stunning in its simplicity, grand in its comfort. Demeyer was influenced by typical Turkish sofa beds with different layers of cushions. The result is a warm, contemporary design, a colour palette inspired by Knokke’s coastal life and an understated vibe from the Seventies.

Modular sofa, 100% Belgian
There are six different modules to choose from. That makes this sofa suited for grand estates and compact apartments. Furthermore, the 100% Belgian design meets the exceptional comfort criteria of RR Interior.

Two signatures, one sofa
Decorator Demeyer styled his signature to RR’s collab question. Where RR loves simplicity in materials, elegance and a certain serenity, Demeyer contrasts with rich fabrics and a layered design.

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